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Coaches FAQs & Resources

Can I request more than one assistant?
No, our club believes that in general, two coaches should be sufficient to coach a team. If more than two coaches were able to request each other, there would be more potential to stack certain teams and more difficult to keep league parity. However, when there is an excess of coaching applicants, Sterling Soccer will often assign a third coach to a team so that all parents who want to participate can. For two coaches to coach together, they must both register as volunteer coaches online AND must request to work with each other. One teams are formed, the league cannot switch players around to accommodate coaches who make late requests.

Who do I contact if I have any questions?
Send an email to your Club Administrator.

One of my players dropped the team, what should I do?
Notify the Club Administrator regarding who dropped and when. That way, if additional players become available, they may be assigned to your team.

Can I still hold a practice if the fields have been closed?
No. Fields are closed from time to time by Sterling Soccer to protect the fields from damage and to protect the children from injury. On these days practices must not be held.

A lot of my practices have been rained out lately. Who do I contact to schedule some additional make-up practices?
In the recreational league, practices are not to be re-scheduled. There are not enough open fields to accommodate this, it is often difficult for the players families, but mostly it would become a scheduling nightmare for the field coordinator.

Many of my players will not be able to make it to the scheduled match next week. How do I go about rescheduling the match?
Individual matches are not to be rescheduled. Notify the opposing coach prior to the game so that they can prepare to rest additional players or loan players to your team.

I think that I have too many players on my team. At some matches, two or three players have to sit out each quarter.
Based on the number of players who have registered, how many teams are formed, etc. teams will generally have a roster size one to three players more than can be fielded at one time. This is normal and children will have to typically rest one quarter a game (and sometimes two). With absences, it is expected that children sitting out two quarters will only happen rarely.

I think that I don't have enough players on my team. Due to absences, I often have less than required.
Based on the number of players who have registered, how many teams are formed, etc. teams will generally have a roster size one to three players more than can be fielded at one time. Having a smaller roster may sometime result in having too few players. Notify the opposing coach as soon as you know so that they can prepare to rest additional players or loan players to your team.

I (several of my players) cannot make time scheduled on Picture Day.
If the coach cannot attend Picture Day, they should contact the Club Administrator and it may be possible that the time may be adjusted. The time will not be adjusted based on one or a few players not able to attend.

What do I do if there is no referee for my team's match?
The two opposing coaches should find a parent or spectator that is mutually agreeable. Alternately, each coach may referee of the match. The coaches should also send a email to the Referee Assignor to make them aware of the lack of referee.

What should I do if the referee keeps missing calls?
All of the referees are human and they will make mistakes. Many of the referees are our own children and are getting on-the-job training. The referees have completed considerable training to become a certified referee and deserve your respect.

If you believe that the referee missed a few judgment calls or missed a few calls due to not being in position to see the play, accept the result in a sporting manner.

If you believe that the referee may not be sharp enough on knowledge of the rules of the game, or consistently fails to make calls, please do not address the referee, but instead send an email to the referee assignor. The email should include the game date, time and field along with your issues. The referee assignor will work to reassess the referee and take measures for additional training or improvement.

The quality of referees improves in the league as the parents provide input to the referee assignor. The quality decreases as spectators address the referees directly and the referees begin to quit.

What can I do to improve my coaching skills?
Attend the free coaches' training sessions held at the beginning of each season. Take a VYSA sponsored course to achieve various coaching certificates or licenses. Talk to other coaches in your age group. There are also many good books, videos and websites addressing coaching.

My team is very strong and some players can sometimes seems to be able to score at will. What is the League Philosophy on lob-sided matches.
In the recreation league, we believes that it is improper to allow the scores to be run-up. This can be unnecessarily discouraging to the less experienced team. Coaches are directed to take measures to keep the matches within a four to six goal differential. Coaches may even the playing field (and further develop their players) by: requiring a certain number of consecutive passes before shooting on goal; encouraging stronger players use their weak foot; pulling higher scoring players (or additional players) onto defense; and/or resting additional players.

Whenever my team wins a match, the children pour a large bucket of iced Gatorade on my head. While I do not have a problem with this happening occasionally on hotter days, it is very uncomfortable in the late fall. PS, I don't even like Gatorade.
Gatorade Dousing is a very important part of American sports and unfortunately it is a skill that has not been taught and practiced at the younger age groups. We recommend that you do not complain, though you could subtly hint that you would prefer hot chocolate.


We are pleased to provide the following information and resources to assist you in determining if you would like to coach, figuring out how to coach (for you first timers - thanks for volunteering) or becoming a better coach for you veterans (thanks for volunteering).

These resources will help to ensure your players are maximizing their potential while enjoying the game. These documents provide important information regarding age appropriate lesson plans, how to deal with parental issues, how to organize a practice, age specific fun games and much, much more. They are meant to be a supplement to the coaches handbook you received at the coaches meeting, although some of these items are directly in the handbook. If you are new, a good place to start is the coaches pledge.

Team Connect (Team database portal)
How-to instructions for using the Team Connect site for viewing your roster, setting alerts and announcements, and communicating with your team. If you have been assigned a team, you will receive an emai alert from the league administrator. (Once activated, you can also access the Team Connect app from your personal Stack logon site).

Practice Schedule

U4 - U5 only have sessions for one hour on Saturday mornings - no practices

U6 - U10 have two one hour practices a week, either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday.

U11 - U19 have team practice twice a week for one and a half hour each

SYSA Coaches Pledge

Coaching Education:

Virginia Youth Soccer Association Coaching Education

United Soccer Coaches

Practice Guides:

Practice Activities Ages 3-5

Practice Activities Ages 6-8

Practice Activities Ages 9-11

Practice Activities Ages 12-14

Practice Activities Ages 15-18

Game Rules:

SYSA League Procedure

Game Rules & Division Structures

Game Day Procedures

Build Out Line Rules (video)

U4-U5 Training Program & Game Instructions

U6-U8 Field Layout

U6-U10 Rules and Guidelines

U9-U10 Rules & Field Layout (Build Out Line Directions)

SYSA Code of Conduct Agreement (form)

Team Sportsmanship Liaison


Manual for All Star Coaches


SYSA Concussion Policy

CDC - Online Training

Concussions Fact Sheet

VYSA Concussion Protocols

Parent Concussion Information Sheet (Video)

Keeping Quiet Can Keep You Out of the Game …. a mother's story (Video)

Player Ratings
Player ratings are completed by the head coaches only. Please access the coaches database to rate your team. After signing in, your roster will be shown with last season's ratings. Use the drop down boxes to assign ratings for each player. Please make sure to click submit upon completion.

Guidelines for Rating Players


Setting up your Team

Just a reminder that ALL teams have to create a 2017-2018 database. Do not use the 2016 - 2017 database, create a new one. Once the primary team contact (most likely the Team Manager) sets up their team they will then get a username/password emailed to them.

  1. Each coach, manager and assistant coach must register here first.

After created and want to go back into their database for changes etc they go to this link

  1. Once the team officials are registered you can start building the team.

**Once you start this process your user id and password will be emailed to you. You DO NOT need it to start to register your team, only to get back into the system once you have logged out**

TEAMS START HERE -You do not need a password to get start