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Fields Status
Algonkian ES (AE) CLOSED for Winter
Hencken Fields #5, 6,7 CLOSED for Winter
Hencken Field #8,9,10 CLOSED for Winter
River Bend Middle School CLOSED for Winter
NOVA Fields CLOSED for Winter
Park View HS Not Available
Claude Moore Field #7 CLOSED for Winter

All Sterling fields are OPEN Friday 11/4/2022

Special Weather Statement:

Chance of rain or thunderstorms?
Even if the county has the fields open - please continue to monitor the weather. 

If you are dropping off your child for practice, try to remain nearby in case of potential rain. Our coaches are directed to stop if there are any signs of thunder or lightning. All members are to leave the fields immediately.

club news


The Sterling Soccer Club is extremely proud to announce the addition of Danilo Eterovic as the new Director of Soccer. In this role, Danilo will have the responsibility to direct all travel and recreational soccer programs, the professional development of our coaches, and the growth of our players.

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