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welcome parents

Welcome to the Sterling Soccer Club! 
On this page, we have added parents-related information to help guide you during the soccer season. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us anytime. Have a great season!


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Parent's Code of Conduct

** IMPORTANT ** - All parents must read and follow our Parents Code of Conduct.

registration faqs

I have just registered my child online. What happens next?
You will receive a confirmation email from Sterling Soccer after registration. A week before the start of the first practice, the coach assigned to your child's soccer team will contact you.  You will be provided with all the necessary information on practice times and field locations, game schedules, and how to purchase new uniforms.

I have problems registering online. My login information does not seem to work - who do I contact?
You can reset your password by clicking the Forgot link at your login window, and then try to log on again with your new password.

I Haven't Received My Password Reset Email
Search your inbox for an email titled "Reset Password Instructions." or emails from Also, check your spam/junk folder.

If you still are unable to locate your password reset email, click Forgot your Password? and select email me a magic link. You will receive an email at your account email address with a magic link that upon being clicked will sign you in without needing your password. You must open this link on the same device you used to request the magic link.

Registration questions:
If you still encounter any login issues or have further registration questions, please contact our club administrator.


What does my child need to bring?
Please make sure your child has the proper equipment for practices and games.

Shin guards:
Players of all ages MUST wear shin guards for practices and games.

Soccer cleats are strongly encouraged for older players. Note that metal cleats are not allowed. Athletic shoes (gym shoes, tennis shoes, etc.) and turf shoes are permitted for younger age groups.

Jewelry is NOT allowed for games. Wearing jewelry at practices will be at the coach's discretion.

Hand Sanitizers
Players are encouraged to bring hand sanitizers to practices and games.


  • U8 and under: size 3
  • U9 to U12: size 4
  • U13 and up: size 5

Water Bottle:
Water bottle or jug

What to wear to practice:
Starting Spring 2022, Sterling Soccer is offering Training jerseys for players to wear to practices. They can be purchased at the Sterling store. Please see the uniforms page.

Game Uniforms:
U4 to U8 will wear orange jerseys without numbers. U9 to U10 wears white & orange jerseys without numbers. U11 to U19 wear white & orange jerseys with assigned numbers. Please view our uniforms page for details.

practices and games

When does practices start? Who will notify me?
Your team coach will reach out to you before the season starts by email. If you have not heard from your coach the week before practices, please contact our club administrator.

Where can I find my team's game schedules?
The game schedules are linked from our schedule page. However, your team coach should be the main contact for all games and practices. Our coaches are expected to provide parents the game schedules. Most coaches will also post the game to your Sports Engine team app.

If you do not access to the Sports Engine team app, or need to add another parent, please contact our club administrator.

For the U11-U19 age group, all game schedules are posted on the SFL (Suburban Friendship League) website. Your coach is also expected to post the games on the Sports Engine team app as well.

Where can I find out about the practice fields?
You view all field locations here on our website fields page.

How do I notify the coach if we cannot attend games or practices?
The preferred option is to use the team app RSVP feature. If you click the checkbox on the date or the game, the coach will be notified. Otherwise, please email or text the coach directly.

How will I know if games or practices are canceled due to weather?
You will receive an email alert from the club administrator on the day of the cancellation. Your team coach will also reach out to you by using the team app or by emailing all parents. The Sterling website homepage field status will also show field status for that day.


Need help?
Please contact our club administrator anytime for questions or concerns.


Sterling Soccer Club is now using the GotSports sports team management system for all our team and players registration and management. 

Parents, players and coaches can download the use the Team app on their phones or desktop computers for the following:

  • View Team Practice Schedules
  • View Team Game Schedules
  • See Team Rosters
  • Chat & Message with coaches/other members
  • RSVP to games and practices attendance



Use the links below to download the app.

GotSport for Android:

GotSport for Apple iOS:

GotSport Desktop/web:


Helpful Support Links for all users:

Helpful link for parents to add additional parents so they have access to app: 

Each player can have up to 4 users attached to their account, but they need to be added in GotSport and are brought into the app automatically every evening when the app synched with GotSport system (6-10pm EST nightly).

All users are added to Parent group.  Each user has to have own email address for security purposes.  Athletes are the only users that can be added to the app without an active email address, the system creates a unique one for them for security purposes & SafeSport compliance. 

Please contact our club administrator for any GotSports related questions.